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"Creating Connections,

Making Memories"

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loving them today."



Hi there! I am so excited to meet you and hear your story! My name is Laurie Ressler and I am the owner and photographer at Laurie Christine Creative. As a mom of four little boys, I know all too well how quickly our babies grow up. It is certainly a delight to see them grow, but there is always an underlying anxiety of time slipping through my fingers... time with my little ones that I will never get back.


At Laurie Christine Creative, I WANT TO HELP YOU REMEMBER.


But I don't want you to remember just for the sake of some fuzzy feelings and fond reminiscing. I want you to remember how little they were THEN, so that you can love them better NOW. When I look at my boys and think about how quickly they are growing up, I am reminded of how fleeting time is and how little time I actually have with my babies in the grand scheme of life.


We moms have merely a few short years to pour out our hearts & lives into our children as we raise them to be healthy, responsible, caring adults. I know someday I will look back at THIS day with nostalgia and wish for just one more moment with my babies when they were so little. I will wonder, "Did they know how much I loved them? Did I really enjoy and appreciate my children for who they were? Did I slow down and take the time to really see them and listen to their stories?"


So, I encourage you momma to live in the present. Live in this moment and soak up every ounce of sweet soft baby skin that you can. And in a few years, when you look back at the photos of your brand new baby, give your big boy a squeeze and tell him how much you love him TODAY.

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